Treat Your Slurry Now with SlurriNprove

6th November 2020

Slurry is a valuable source of nutrients, which when used effectively can reduce your fertiliser bill and help you to grow more quality forage. The increased use of low emission slurry spreading equipment (LESSE) encourages better utilisation of slurry as more nutrients are available to the plant. There are challenges with using such equipment however, as the slurry needs to be thinner and more homogenous to ensure the spreading equipment does not block. One method is mixing the slurry for longer, however a better option is the use of Lallemand’s SlurriNprove.

SlurriNprove is a biological treatment for slurry, containing microbes which digest the fibre in the slurry and help to fix the nitrogen and avoid losses to the environment. It contains both aerobic and anaerobic microbes which mean SlurriNprove works well under a range of conditions found in different slurries.

Treating slurry with SlurriNprove assists with the breakdown of solids and reduces the crusting on the top of the slurry tank. This results in slurry flowing better, reducing mixing time, which will save money and increase its suitability for LESSE spreading systems. As more farmers and agricultural contractors will have to use LESSE it is important to have your slurry in the right condition starting now.

Independent trials conducted by Kingshay found that slurry treated with SlurriNprove had 16% more total nitrogen than untreated slurry, meaning more nutrient for the crop. The study also found reduced grass taint meaning grass could be grazed sooner after spreading and reduced odour.

A 1kg sachet of SlurriNprove treats 44,000 gallons of slurry which is equivalent to one month’s worth of slurry from 100 dairy cows. To get the best results apply enough SlurriNprove for 3 months at the housing and then top up the tank three months later for the remainder of the storage period. Simply mix the sachet in 10 litres of water and distribute it evenly into the tank. Always take care when working with slurry.
To order or find out more about making the most of your slurry using SlurriNprove

To order or find out more about making the most of your slurry using SlurriNprove contact your local Fane Valley Agronomy and Forage Technical Specialist or call 028 9261 0485.