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Based in Moira, Northern Ireland, Fane Valley Co-operative Society is a progressive agricultural and food processing business with interests in animal feed manufacturing, agricultural supplies, livestock identification and the provision of agronomy & forage services, porridge oats & breakfast cereals, the production of beef drippings, the processing of edible offal’s and fully integrated duck processing and production, operating across multiple locations in both the UK and Ireland.

Formed in 1903 Fane Valley remains 100% farmer owned. The business, which employs almost 1,000 people, continues to develop through a strategy of organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

When It All Started

Fane Valley Co-operative Society was formed in 1903 by a group of forward thinking farmers in Counties Monaghan and Armagh. The name of the Co-op was derived from the River Fane whose banks touched upon both counties and the valley through which its peaceful waters flowed.

The business was founded on the co-operative principle that farmers by acting together can achieve greater things than by acting alone. In its formative year the Society purchased 80,441 gallons of milk from members producing 26,813lbs of butter.

Much has progressed in farming and food during the intervening years. A lot has also changed in Fane Valley itself. What remains constant however is the commitment and resolve of the Co-op Board and members to enhance the lives of all those connected with the Society including farmer suppliers, employees and the customers and communities we serve.

Our Purpose

“To advance the interests of farmers and the agricultural industry through the development of growth orientated agri-food businesses and the promotion of best agricultural practice”

Our Values


Trusting each other and earning the trust of others


Treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves


Together we are more effective


We aim to exceed expectations and always strive to be better

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