Based in Moira, Northern Ireland, Fane Valley Co-operative Society is a progressive agricultural and food processing business with interests in red meat processing, (beef, lamb and edible offals) the production of beef dripping, fully integrated duck production & processing, porridge oats & breakfast cereal, animal feed manufacturing, agricultural supplies and the provision of agronomy and forage services.


Fane Valley has been supporting local agriculture since 1903. We operate an expanding network of animal feed mills and agricultural retail outlets delivering superior quality products and technical support services to the farming community. With a geographical catchment area extending across Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland Fane Valley is widely recognised as a progressive agri-business with farmer interests at its core.


Fane Valley is engaged in a diverse range of food processing activities with a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability. From the processing of beef and lamb to ducks to breakfast cereals we work in partnership with our farmer suppliers to create a trusted ‘farm to fork’ supply chain which provides assurance to our global customer base. Our modern processing facilities are located across the UK, Ireland and Belgium.


Our people are at the heart of everything we do and we recognise that our employees are key to achieving our ambitions for the business. We aim to attract the best talent and to provide an environment that encourages, inspires and motivates. At Fane Valley we put our people first.


Managing our environmental impact is not only important for the planet and the communities in which we operate; it is essential for the sustainability of our supply chains and ultimately the success of Fane Valley as a business.


We believe that companies and communities should thrive together. We therefore recognise the role we have to play in supporting our local communities. That is why we actively maintain a diverse programme of events, charitable efforts, sponsorships, fundraising initiatives, local support, donations and volunteering.

Latest News

Grow wholecrop this Spring.

18th March 2021

Wholecrop produced from cereals are an excellent alternative forage which have excellent nutritional benefits for livestock or anaerobic digestion plants, while also being cost effective to grow. Fane Valley Agronomy and Forage carry a wide range of crops through the Morton’s brand which are suitable for wholecrop silage. Cereal species and variety can have an…

With chemical fertilisers dramatic price increase since last season it is vital to have soil pH at the correct level to ensure every granule and every pound is being used effectively. Soil pH greatly effects the availability of nutrients, at pH 5.5 only 77% of nitrogen, 48% of phosphorus and 77% of potassium will be…

With turnout fast approaching on many farms, it is important to manage store cattle pre-turnout to maximise compensatory growth and to avoid any stalling when animals hit grass.Improving grassland management for beef cattle can significantly increase farm profitability, especially at a time when purchased feed costs are high. Utilising compensatory growth allows costs to be…