Take Control of Silage Quality with Magniva.

10th May 2021

Magniva silage inoculants will help grass to ensile during difficult harvest conditions. After a cold and dry April hampering grass growth May has started with continued cold weather but also rain. Whilst this rain is welcome to increase growth it makes for difficult harvest conditions. 

Grass quality at cutting is key to producing high quality silage and although yields may be lower this year cutting should not be delayed to improve quality and reduce costs this winter.

An added challenge of the recent rain is the increase in nitrogen uptake from the plant after the prolonged dry period, this will cause the forage to have a higher buffering capacity and low sugar levels which can lead to poor fermentations. 

Due to these conditions it is important to test silage before mowing to ensure the nitrate levels are not too high for ensiling, if levels are too high it is best to wait a few days and test again. 

Wetter grasses need a rapid pH drop to inhibit undesirable bacteria that can lead to dry matter and nutrient losses. 

Magniva Platinum Wet is formulated specifically for the challenges of wetter conditions resulting in a rapid pH drop and fermentation preventing the loss of nutrient and dry matter losses, Magniva Platinum wet also results in higher digestibility of the forage which can improve animal performance. 

To find out more about Magniva silage inoculants and making better quality silage contact your local Agronomy & Forage Technical Sales Specialist or call 028 9261 0485.