Options For An Unsettled Harvest

5th August 2020

Chris Frazer from Fane Valley (right) inspecting Peter McGukin’s crop of Belmont winter barley for crimping earlier this year.

With very unsettled weather this harvest it could be worth considering crimping grain. Grain can be harvested between 25-45% moisture and processed by crimping the grain in a crimper roller, treated with a quality additive and then ensiled. Crimping can be used on a range of crops including, wheat barley, triticale, oats, maize and even protein crops such as peas and beans. By crimping the grain it allows it gives a better opportunity to get onto the ground ready for reseeding, cover crops or autumn cultivations. 

Crimped grain is high quality feed for both dairy and beef cattle which can be easily stored on farm without the need for expensive drying. The grain must be processed through the crimping machine to expose the protein and carbohydrate in the grain and make it more digestible. 

For crimping to be successful the preservation of the grain is critical, it must be well ensiled and feed out managed to prevent spoilage. Magniva Platnium Crimp is proven to reduce pH giving an effective stable fermentation, preventing yeasts and mould growth and reduce dry matter losses ensuring you have a high quality feed. 

For further information on wholecrop and how Fane Valley, can help you maximise its potential, please contact your local Agronomy and Forage Specialist or the office on 028 9261 0485.