Optimise Livestock Performance During the Grazing Season.

12th May 2021

Fane Valley Stores are holding a ‘Spring Dosing Open Week’ from Monday 17th May 2021 to Saturday 22nd May 2021, offering great value on all veterinary medicinal products and giving expert qualified advice on the best worming programmes for your livestock throughout the grazing season.

Fane Valley Stores invite all farmers to take advantage of the free expert advice and the impressive discounts available on all sheep & cattle dosing and vaccination products, and mineral supplements.

Thomas Barnett, Retail manager for Fane Valley Stores is encouraging all livestock owners to get ready for the season ahead with fantastic advice and prices available throughout the week on a comprehensive range of products.

Thomas says, “We have fantastic offers on many products throughout our stores network and it is great to offer customers an extensive product range. Everything you need we have, whether you are a farmer, smallholder, builder, gardener or the general public.”

We stock a very wide range of animal health products from Pour-on’s, Oral drenches, Injectables, Vaccines, Mineral drenches and Trace element boluses. Also, we stock many renowned brands including SUPAlyx, Mixrite, and Crystsalyx feed and mineral buckets, Deosan, Kilco and Evans Dairy hygiene product ranges, Hotline & Gallagher Electric Fencers and accessories, Cheaney Hampton boots, Snickers Clothing and Bateman Livestock Equipment and handling systems.

Fane Valley Stores as a member of United Farmers also have a broad range of very high-quality products that come under the United Farmers Country brand that offer superb quality to our customers with real financial savings to be had.

Our staff have extensive agricultural product knowledge with over 50 professionally trained Registered Animal Medicines Advisors.

For more information, please contact your local Fane Valley Store.