Meet The Silage Challenge With Axphast.

24th April 2023

Three of the main challenges when ensiling silage include high rainfall, slurry/soil contamination and high nitrates in the grass. These challenges can lead to a poor fermentation resulting in excess dry matter losses and reduced quality, and poor preservation of nutrients. Axphast is specifically formulated for these challenging, combining a unique consortium of bacterial strains with patented enzymes to help drive a fast, efficient fermentation.

The four-specialist lactic acid producing bacteria in Axphast work together to deliver the rapid pH drop required in silage making without dropping pH excessively low. The rapid acidification of the crop inhibits undesirable bacteria and prevents losses due to secondary fermentation.  By making more sugars available to the bacteria, the enzymes in Axphast ensure even the highest challenge grass with low sugars / high nitrates can be successfully turned into quality silage. Trials have found that the lactic acid concentration was twice as high after 5 days compared to competitor products as can be seen in figure 1.

Improving how effectively the fibre in grass is broken down can have huge benefits for fermentation and for how well animals utilise the silage, this is where the unique enzymes in Axphast come into play. The fibre in grass is not readily digestible by rumen microbes because it is tightly bound in hemicellulose bundles.  The enzymes in Axphast are proven to break these bundles open, with two big benefits, firstly releasing sugars which are the fuel for the lactic acid producing bacteria.  More fuel means the bacteria can more rapidly deliver the rapid fall in pH needed and secondarily once broken down, there is a greater surface area available for attachment by rumen microbes allowing better forage digestibility. Local independent trials carried out at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) found an increase of 19% in fibre digestibility, an increase in animal performance of 1.3litres extra milk/cow/day and improvements in Protein and Butterfat constituents of 9.5% and 7.5% respectively. 

Axphast silage inoculant is exclusive to Fane Valley and if you place your order in April you will receive a 10% discount. To find out more about improving your silage quality contact your local Fane Valley Agronomy & Forage representative or call 02892610485.