Levucell Farm Packs Overcome Challenges and Improve Performance

6th November 2023

The rumen plays an essential role in a cow’s digestive system. It is like a large fermentation vat hiving with microbes that break down the animal’s feed so as it can be absorbed and used for energy. To ensure the animal is efficient and healthy the rumen must be functioning well and must have a healthy microbial population and a suitable pH. Without these the rumen becomes less and less efficient at digestion of feed. This leaves the animal susceptible to health complications such as acidosis and laminitis.

Research has found that the supplementation of yeast improves performance and milk yield in dairy cattle by increasing feed intake, digestibility, stabilise rumen pH and decreases lactic acid in the rumen. Yeast requires oxygen whereas the microbes in the rumen prefer an anaerobic environment, the yeast the oxygen present in the rumen to grow and in doing so make the environment more favourable and help the rumen microbes to grow.

The Lallemand range of farm pack yeasts have been developed with years of research by their dedicated team. Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers a range of yeast and bacteria probiotics, yeast derivatives, natural antioxidants for dairy and beef production. These specific products help manage rumen function and feed efficiency, as well as supporting natural defences and improve antioxidant status, which leads to optimal performance and animal welfare.

The Lallemand range has solutions to overcome these challenges and help your livestock thrive. All the products contain the live yeast Levucell SC which was specifically developed for the rumen unlike other products which were developed for the brewing industry. Trials conducted by Lallemand found that Levucell SC improved the performance of beef finishing animals by 116g/day DLWG and increased milk yield by 1.1kg/day in dairy cows.

With challenging conditions for making silage this season, some silages have not fermented well and are causing higher digestive challenges to livestock such as high mycotoxin risks and wet silages increasing the acid loading. The Lallemand range contains products to meet these challenges such as, Digestaid SC the Levucell farm park, SC Acidease Levucell combined with ahigh-quality dead yeast to tackle acidosis in animals, SC Toxisorb Levucell and a high-quality yeast cell wall combination to target toxins in the diet. SC Rumignition is a product which was developed specifically for the Northern Irish market and contains attributes of all the products above to minimise any digestive issues your animals may face.

Fane Valley Stores carry the Lallemand range of animal nutrition products, and our team can help you find the best solution for your farm contact your local Fane Valley Technical sales specialist or call 028 9261 0485