Improve Rumen Health with Yeast from Fane Valley.

3rd February 2021

E9XGY6 Livestock - Holstein dairy cows feeding on silage in a freestall barn at a dairy / England, United Kingdom.

Feeding yeast and rumen conditioners to cattle can improve rumen health and improve feed efficiency on your farm. With increasing feed costs this winter it is very important to get the most from your feed and lift performance in animals. The Lallemand animal nutrition range carried by Fane Valley Stores contain Levucell SC yeast which was developed specifically for the rumen in mind. 

The rumen plays an essential role in the digestive system of cattle. It is like a large fermentation vat hiving with microbes that break down the animals feed so it can be absorbed and used for energy. To ensure the animal is efficient and healthy the rumen must be functioning well and must have a healthy microbial population and a suitable pH. Without these the rumen becomes less efficient at digesting feed and the animal can become ill. 

The rumen functions best with a pH around 6.0 and when the pH drops below 5.8 fibre digestion is hindered meaning you are not getting the most from forage. The inclusion of Levucell SC has been found to help stabilise rumen pH in multiple trials reducing the risk of acidosis in the animal.

Alongside maintaining rumen pH Levucell SC increases fibre digestibility, fibre is an important energy source for ruminants and is also essential to keep the rumen functioning properly. At least 50% of the dry matter intake of cattle is total dietary fibre and small improvement in the digestibility of the fibre can increase the production of the animal. Levucell SC has been trialled on more than 200 different types of forage and is proven to improve the fibre degradability in grass silage, cereal wholecrop and maize silage.

Trials also found that the inclusion of Levucell SC yeast in the animal’s diet has increased milk production by 1.1kg/day in dairy cows and improved daily live weight gain by 116g/day in beef cattle.

Lallemand yeast products include, SC Digestaid a specific live yeast to improve digestion; SC Acidease a specific live and high-quality dead yeast to tackle acidosis in animals; SC Toxisorb a live yeast and high-quality yeast cell wall combination to target toxins in the diet. SC Rumignition is a combination product including attributes of all the products mentioned above, it was developed specifically for Fane Valley to minimise any digestive issues your animals may face. 

 To find out more about the Lallemand range of animal nutrition products contact your local Fane Valley Technical Agronomy & Forage Technical Sales Specialist or call 028 9261 0485.