Improve Methane Yields with EnergySil.

9th July 2021

Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Many of the on farm Anaerobic Digestion plants in N.Ireland are utilising silage within the plant to produce biogas, using both grass and whole crop silage as the main feedstock. The Agronomy and Forage team at Fane Valley work with Plant operators, through the supply of products and knowledge, from seed selection, agronomy, nutrient recommendations, harvest timings and additive.

First cut yields of silage have been quite good, and second cuts look promising, but as always, the need to watch Nitrogen levels in grass is paramount, as is ensuring an efficient fast fermentation.

Winter Whole crops are moving through grain fill rapidly, and will soon be approaching the ideal ‘Whole crop’ stage, with a Dry Matter of approximately 35-45%. Growing successful crops of grass and cereals is only the first stage, the forages need to be, ensiled and conserved as quality silage, which will fill your clamps and maximise Biogas production. The addition of a cost effective and proven additive such as EnergySil reduces the risk of a poor fermentation and minimises the associated difficulties in feeding the Digester a poorly fermented silage.

EnergySil a 3-stage approach;Enhancement of the fermentation process during ensiling.

  1. Enhancement of the fermentation process during ensiling. The specific enzyme package used in EnergySil opens up the plant fibres, and the bacteria produce an optimal acidification of the forage, limiting Dry Matter and nutrient losses.
  2. Maximisation of energy recovery from forage. Thanks to its specific metabolic pathway, EnergySil produces, lactic, acetic, and propionic acids as well as MonoPropylene Glycol, inhibiting the growth of yeasts and moulds after opening and associated heating.
  3. Optimise the methane production from your silage. The metabolic pathway creates “ready to be used” silage for biogas production improving methane yields by up to 16%.

For further information on EnergySil and how Fane Valley, can help improve Digester efficiency, please contact your local Agronomy and Forage Specialist or the office on 028 9261 0485