Harvest Soil Sampling Offer

26th August 2021

Pictured: Daniel Garvey - Fane Valley Fertiliser Manager

Soil sampling of arable soils during August and September is ideal as the crops have been harvested, it has been several months since nutrients have been applied and the fertility of the soil can be assessed prior to planting the next crop. Until the end of September Fane Valley are offering a 10% discount on soil analysis services allowing you to make the most of, during this period. 

At Fane Valley we have years of experience taking soil samples. Taken with a quad bike and automatic sampler or on foot, our sampling service takes the backache out of sampling and provides consistent samples, ensuring representative results for your farm. The soil sample result is only ever as good as the sample taken, we pride ourselves on our ability to take timely, consistent, and accurate samples within what is sometimes a challenging window of opportunity.

Each sample should be on an individual field basis (10 acres max) and contain 20 individual cores to a depth of 10cm taken across the field in a random W pattern or in systematic grids using our GPS sampling system. 

All we need to carry out your sampling is a farm map with the field name/number, cropping details of the fields, and our staff will do the rest. There is also the option of taking the soil samples yourself, you can collect a soil sampler in your local store and return the samples back to store for sending off to the laboratory.

According to Daniel Garvey – Fertiliser Manager, “Having the analysis is only the first part, the information needs to be read, understood, and acted upon, to produce a fertilisation plan tailored to your farm.”  

Fane Valley Agronomy and Forage agronomists are BASIS and FACTS qualified and can provide crop specific advice and efficient fertiliser plans based on the soil analysis and individual crop requirements, on your farm to help achieve maximum yields while meeting environmental legislation.

To have your soils analysed call into your local store, contact your Fane Valley Agronomist or call 028 9261 0485.