Get your calf nutrition off to a Good Start with KALVOSTART.

8th March 2021

Sam Johnston from Fintona runs an 85 Danish Jersey cow herd with a year-round calving system with a herd average of 7600kgs of milk @6.08% BF & 4.25% PR, he explains, “it is vital that my calves get off to a good start in life.”

Sam takes great prides in ensuring calf health is a priority on his farm and states, “I believe I owe a lot of this success to the quality of Fane Valley Stores’ KALVOSTART Milk Replacer. It’s a superior product that I have been using for almost five years and never had any issues. I aim to calve all my heifers between 20 and 22 months with no concentrate given at grass and only 1kg / head during the housed period of their second winter.

In terms of performance, I believe the nutrition that my calves get in the first months of life sets them up for a healthy long life. Calves get colostrum as soon as possible and for their first 3 days / 6 feeds and the 7th feed will be KALVOSTART and that’s them until weaning at 7/8 weeks.”

Along with calf nutrition Sam firmly believes that hygiene in the dry cow area, calving pens and calf house are of the upmost importance and is essential that abundance of fresh air flows through the shed, however it is crucial that there is no direct draft down at calf level.

For more information on KALVOSTART or advice on calf nutrition please contact your local Fane Valley Store and speak to our experienced staff.

Pictured: Sam Johnston, Jersey cow farmer from Fintona.