Frost Protection for Flowering Fruit Crops

7th May 2020

Late frosts are a constant worry for fruit growers. Frost injury in crops such as Apples and Pears can be catastrophic.

Traditionally growers have used methods such as lighting fires overnight in flowering orchards or irrigating to try and prevent frost damage. Trials have been carried out using AminoA bio-stimulants to remediate frost damage in crops such as strawberries, apples and pears. In these trials, with a frost of -3oC, flower and fruit bud damage was reduced compared to produce were no AminoA was applied.

How does it work?  The amino-acids in AminoA bio stimulants, especially Threonine, Proline and Glutamic acid are particularly effective. They act like a natural anti-freeze, reducing the freezing temperature of the cytoplasm and also facilitating osmosis to enable water molecules to move outside the cell where the freezing causes less damage. They are also the building blocks of AFP (anti-freeze proteins) which some plants are able to manufacture.

Recommendations Frost Protection.  We recommend applying3.5-5 litres/ha of AminoA Flo as a foliar spray to flowering crops before a frost event. AminoA Flo is water solubleand suitable for applications as a foliar spray or through fertigation systems.

This application will afford some frost protection up to seven days.  In the event of crops being frosted, AminoA FLOcan be used to remediate damage, apply 2.5 litres ha as soon possible after a frost event as possible, andrepeat every 7 days until the crop recovers.

For further information on protecting crops from frost and the use of AminoA please contact Fane Valley on 028 9261 0485.