Changes to Tagging Requirements Made Easy with Fane Valley Stores

24th June 2024

L-R: Pat Donnelly, Livestock Identification Manager, Matthew Cully and Hannah McKinstry.

From Monday the 24th of June 2024 all official new cattle, sheep, and goat tags are changing regarding the region prefix code printed on all tags. On cattle tags, the current “UK 9” will change to XI 0, and on sheep and goat tags the prefix code will change from “UK 17” to “XI 17”. Additionally, there will be a change to the information that is encoded on sheep EID tags with the current “826” region identifier being replaced by “899” to indicate that the animal originated in Northern Ireland.

Existing stocks of tags with the “UK 9 or UK17” prefix can still be used to legitimately tag cattle, sheep, or goats until the 27th of January 2025 according to recent communications from DAERA. From this date on all newborn cattle, sheep, and goats will have to be tagged with the new format tags.

Pat Donnelly, Livestock Identification Manager with Fane Valley Stores commented that “Fane Valley staff across our network of stores have been working hard to prepare for the tag changes. From Monday the 24th of June we will be able to supply herd and flock keepers with new official tags that include the new tag prefix.” Pat also stated, “If farmers would like to find out more about the tag changes and how it may affect their business, staff in our seventeen Fane Valley stores throughout Northern Ireland will be more than happy to explain the changes and provide guidance on how best to proceed when ordering new tags.” Alternatively, you can also call Fane Valley Stores dedicated tag team based in Moira on 028 9261 0490 and have a chat about the tag changes.

Fane Valley Stores will have several special tag offers available to herd and flock keepers in the coming weeks which will be advertised on our social media channels and in the farming press.