Biotechnology to Boost Yields.

12th April 2021

The unpredictability and extremities of the UK climate, and challenging soil conditions, are being addressed with a new range of natural, biological crop stimulants from British biotechnology company AminoA Ltd.

AminoA contains natural bio-stimulants including essential amino-acids, which are critical for plant growth. Plants normally synthesise amino-acids throughout their growth cycle using them to make proteins, however during periods of stress, production can be interrupted and growth rates reduce. A timely application of AminoA, reduces the effects of stress conditions, with trials showing very positive results. A PGRO spring bean trial conducted in 2020, showed a 0.68T per ha increase in yield from the addition of AminoA in a standard spray programme. A 2019 NIAB trial on winter wheat produced an increase of 0.73T per ha. 

Now is the time to apply AminoA to overwintered crops, we recommend applying AminoA to crops from 3-4 leaves onwards to maintain tiller numbers, improve N uptake through increased rooting and influence the embryonic ear development.

This provides winter barley with the nutrients needed to avoid dropping tillers, encourages winter wheat to stimulate root development, driving tiller development, while spring applications to oilseed rape help rooting and branch development.

Proven to reduce stress, AminoA is ideal to include in a tank mix with herbicides, fungicides and trace elements. This is particularly useful when applying herbicide to grassland, as the bio stimulant not only reduces grass stress but also increases production and first cut yields.

To find out more about AminoA products contact your local Fane Valley Technical Sales Specialists or call 028 9261 0485.