AFBI Labs at the Frontline for BVD Testing

13th September 2020

Throughout the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, AFBI laboratories have worked tirelessly to ensure that Northern Ireland farmers received a first-class service when it comes to BVD testing. Despite AFBI becoming involved in the testing of Covid-19 samples to help out the National Health Service, farmers sending tissue samples in for testing received their BVD test results back within the usual expected turnaround times.

Fane Valley Stores Livestock ID Manager Pat Donnelly commented, “As a locally farmer owned Co-Op we acknowledge and applaud the service AFBI has provided to all the people of Northern Ireland throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  As a local business, we feel it is important to support AFBI as they are a vital resource not only for farmers but also for the entire population of Northern Ireland.

Pat continued, “Since the start of lockdown a number of herd and flock keepers had experienced issues with getting samples delivered by the postal service to testing labs in a timely manner. Whilst this situation has now greatly improved, herd and flock keepers living close to the Stormont or Omagh VSD labs are welcome to avail of the option to leave their samples directly to the lab. Samples left with Omagh VSD Laboratories prior to 2.00pm will have their samples couriered direct to Stormont for testing on the following day”.

The current median turnaround for BVD testing is 1 working day, with the results being reported back to herdkeepers the following morning via a text message to their mobile phone.  It is advised that all herd keepers let Fane Valley Stores know their mobile phone number so that results can be reported back to them promptly.

All testing is carried out to the highest standard with samples being checked by vets for the ultimate quality control. This ensures the samples are totally accurate and herd and flock keepers are not being reported false results. 

For the month of September Fane Valley Stores are offering “Free Delivery’ on all orders of 30 or more BVD Tissue Sample Tags and 100 or more Sheep EID tag sets.  To avail of this offer along with our competitively priced tags call into your local Fane Valley Store or call our  tag hotline on 028 9261 0490.  To find your local store visit