Make The Most of Silage with Magniva.

22nd April 2022

Jonathan Hawthorne, Fane Valley Agronomy & Forage - Technical Sales Specialist

Even with the increased cost of fertiliser and fuel, silage will still be the cheapest way of feeding animals this winter. With record prices also being seen for cereals, concentrate prices will be much higher than we are used to paying, with this in mind it is more important than ever to focus on the production of high quality forage.

To achieve this the sward should be fed with the correct nutrients and cut at the optimum time for the stock you are feeding, targeting high quality silage to milking cows, finishing / growing cattle and lower D Value silage to dry cows. Good quality silage will require 2.5kg less concentrate a day compared with average quality silage to achieve the same performance which will make a large difference to profitability over the winter period.

With silage being more expensive to ensile this year it is key that we minimise waste. The target should be zero visible waste, and minimised invisible (or fermentation loss). Magniva silage inoculants contain patented bacteria and enzymes which speed up the fermentation process resulting in less energy being wasted, leaving more for your animals, and improving performance. The silage clamp will have improved aerobic stability through using Magniva and allows feed out in as little as 15 days after ensiling, giving more flexibility if conditions become difficult.

When a clamp is unstable it begins to heat, this requires energy which is then wasted and can cause significant losses. If heating affects 1000t of silage this could equal 7,800l of milk production being lost. The enzymes in the Magniva inoculants also improve the digestibility of the forage and dry matter intakes can increase by 0.32kg per day which can result in higher animal performance.

The Magniva range has an inoculant to suit different silage types and uses, Magniva platinum wet is for silages with a dry matter less than 30% whereas Magniva Platinum dry is suited to silage with a dry matter over 30%. There is also Magniva Energysil which is specially designed to improve gas yield and silage stability for anaerobic digestion.

To find out more about Magniva silage inoculants and making better quality silage contact your local Agronomy & Forage Technical Sales Specialist or call 028 9261 0485