Colourful New Partnership Set for Creative Fane Valley
1st February 2018

Pictured: (L-R) Mary Nagele, Chief Executive – Arts&BusinessNI and Trevor Lockhart, Chief Executive – Fane Valley

Fane Valley and its group of companies have recently announced a colourful new membership with fresh thinking Arts&Business, who are celebrating 30yrs in Northern Ireland.  The partnership will create fresh opportunities with a unique insight into the world of the arts for the farmer’s co-operative, on their journey to cultivating growth in the agri business sector.

With its bespoke new headquarters located in Glenavy Moira, Fane Valley is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses, with interests in red meats, porridge oats and breakfast cereal, feed compounding, agricultural supplies, livestock identification, beef fat drippings and renewable energy, operating across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Speaking at the membership launch, Trevor Lockhart, Fane Valley - Chief Executive said, “We are very excited to announce our new membership with Arts & Business NI. As part of our growth strategy and commitment to operating as a responsible business with good corporate citizenship within our local community, we felt the time was right to adopt a more creative and vibrant way of engaging our staff, our customers and the people around us.  

“We are looking forward to the colourful new ways Arts & Business will share our vision and values, inspiring us in a range of ways by encouraging innovation and opening our eyes to fresh opportunities. The arts have an ability to enable people and organisations to explore new perspectives and different ways of viewing their business. So, this is an exciting chapter for Fane Valley as we embrace our stimulating new membership.”

Mary Nagele – Arts&Business, Chief Executive remarked, Arts & Business NI is delighted to welcome Fane Valley to our growing business membership. With over 30 years experience in helping the arts prosper and business thrive, we are really looking forward to working with Fane Valley to embed the creativity of the Arts across the business. There are many exciting opportunities around creatively reflecting the values of the business through the Arts, supporting communities and CSR strategies both locally and globally, and continuing to retain and attract excellent talent."